Drag Me To Hell Behind The Scenes

Brothers Sam and Ivan Raimi wrote the first draft of the screenplay of Drag Me to Hell, more than 10 years ago. In its earliest phases, the script of the movie was simply titled as The Curse. "We have always loved the idea of curses. We loved thinking about what would happen to an ordinary person if they were cursed and put into these extraordinary circumstances."- Ivan Raimi explains. In this instance, the beyond her control forces torture a young bank loan officer, named Christine Brown after she denies a loan extension to an elderly woman, Mrs. Ganush. "She's trying to get ahead in her job, like anyone else. She's just a normal person with all of the attributes that we might have, colored in grays instead of black and white. That's what makes her interesting to me. She's put into a situation where her punishment does not fit her crime, and it is exciting to watch how she has to deal with it."- adds Ivan Raimi. Check out the behind the scenes of the movie in the video here.