Justin Bieber: Never Say Never Trailer

Never Say Never is a popular song by Justin Bieber, the new teenage sensation in music. The song is used as the theme song for The Karate Kid, and features rap interludes from the film's star, Jaden Smith. It was originally a risqué demo with sexual lyrics performed by American singer Travis Garland, it was written and produced by The Messengers, and Omarr Rambert. However, for unknown reasons, Bieber was tapped to record the song for the film. He re-wrote the song with The Messengers, Rambert, Smith, and his vocal producer Kuk Harrell, to feature inspirational lyrics to foil the film's theme. The song contains R&B and pop elements while merging hip-hop. The song was released for digital download in the United States on June 8, 2010. The song was later included as an acoustic track on the remix album My Worlds Acoustic (2010) and both the acoustic and single versions were on the compilation album My Worlds: The Collection (2010).