Skyline Trailer

Skyline begins innocently enough: twentysomethings Jarrod (Eric Balfour) and Elaine (Scottie Thompson) arrive in L.A. to attend a party hosted by Terry (Donald Faison), an old friend who has managed to make it big in the film industry. While Elaine is turned off by the party's other attendees, all of whom are some combination of bitchy, rich, and slutty, Jarrod appears willing to accept his friend's offer to stay in town indefinitely, albeit for no other reason than Terry is being pushy. Elaine's unexpected pregnancy (“I'm late…no, I'm late," she tells him) is troubling, but seems to rank lower on the scale of importance for Jarrod. Of course, the trappings of the rich and famous are small beans compared to the full-scale alien invasion that will greet them the following morning.