The Summoning- Trailer 2018

The Summoning is a thriller movie based on hauntings taking place in the town, Texas. While working on a century-old murder case for a class assignment, a law student Rachel Iverson discovers huge. Chloe Saunders believes things are finally starting to go right in her life â€" a boy asks her about the dance, Chloe gets on the directors list for a short, she finally gets her period at age 15, dyes her hair red so she could actually look her age, and commits her first crime. Little did she know, her entire world was about to turn upside down. After an incident at school, the label 'schizophrenic' is slapped on Chloe and she's shipped away to the dreadful Lyle group home for the 'crazies.' There, Chloe meets the jealous Tori, antisocial Derek, hottie Simon, Peter, and her two friends (Rae and Liz) â€" and realizes that not everything is as it seems.