This clip is from “Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant" in which Evra the Snake Boy (Patrick Fugit) explains the rules of the tent to Darren (Chris Massoglia). When Crepsley digs up Darren's grave they are attacked by Murlough who wants to make Darren a Vampaneze. After winning the fight Darren and Crepsley return to Cirque du Freak where Darren meets the snake boy, Evra Von, and Rebecca, the monkey girl. Meanwhile, Steve, still attempting suicide, is stopped by Mr. Tiny who offers him a chance to become a Vampaneze, like Murlough. Mr. Tiny tells Steve that he is neither a vampire nor a Vampaneze, but someone with an interest in both. Tiny learns Darren has not fed on humans yet and sends Vampaneze after him, knowing that he will be weak. Darren escapes, so they kidnap Rebecca and have Evra tell Darren to "come home".