What You Are

This clip is from “Surrogates" which is titled as “What You Are". In this clip, Greer (Bruce Willis) attempts to understand how an operator can be killed while controlling their surrogate. Travelling to Canter's home, Tom discovers that he has been controlling not only the Prophet, but Jennifer as well. Using Jennifer's surrogate in FBI Headquarters, Canter uses the weapon to kill Stone and proceeds to upload the virus to all surrogates, which will destroy them and kill their operators. Canter reveals that he only wanted to empower the disabled to live normal lives, but after he was fired from VSI, they capitalized on surrogacy for profit. Convinced his plan is unstoppable, Canter disconnects from Jennifer's surrogate and swallows a cyanide pill. Tom takes control of Jennifer's surrogate and, with the assistance of the network's system administrator, Bobby Saunders (Devin Ratray), insulates the virus so the operators will survive, but a second step is required to save the surrogates. Tom ultimately lets the virus permanently disable surrogates worldwide.