Half Goat

A clip from “Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief" in which Sally tells Percy that he is special, but not why he is so special. She talks about his father, who she says was "dazzling," and Grover makes a smart remark saying, "They're always dazzling." The conversation is cut short by the Minotaur that arrives, causing the trio to crash Gabe Ugliano's muscle car by overturning it on its top, and Grover reveals he is a satyr and uses his hooves to break the windows and manages to get them out of the crashed car, and they make the rest of the journey on foot with the Minotaur on their tail. When they reach the Camp Half-Blood gate, Grover and Percy go through, but the magical defenses keeps Sally out to the mercy of the Minotaur. The Minotaur turns her to golden light, and Percy believes she is killed. The celestial bronze sword, Riptide, which was given to Percy by Mr. Brunner (aka. Chiron after Percy meets him in his centaur form at Camp Half Blood) fails but Percy manages to kill the Minotaur with one of its horns which he breaks off the bullman's head. He faints afterward from exhaustion in Grover's hands.