The Truth About What

On his way to locate the reactor, Bower finds Manh (Cung Le), a fierce crew member (who only speaks Vietnamese); re-encounters the German woman, Nadia (Antje Traue), originally with the genetic-sampling team - who speaks English and explains that the Elysium is in effect a latter-day Noah's ark; and Leland (Eddie Rouse), a cook who has learned that survival of the fittest or brightest requires one not to have a heart. The four fight their way against the creatures (some kind of mutant passengers), savage hunters of human quarry, to the reactor. Isolated back in his chamber, Payton comes face-to-face with Cpl Gallo (Cam Gigantet), a member of the crew that preceded the lieutenant's flight, showing symptoms of ODS, who asks: "How do you think you would react if you knew the truth?"