We Save The Ship, We Save Them

Pandorum is an Alien-like sci-fi horror film, directed by Christian Alvart, teaming with screenwriter Travis Milloy on the original story, the spacecraft Elysium was launched from Earth in 2174 as battles raged over limited resources toward the only known Earth-like planet, Tanis. On a recording of the final, farewell message as the ship departed Earth: "You're all that's left of us. Good luck. God bless. And Godspeed." Finding themselves in the abyss of space, the two men, calculating they've been on a settlers' vessel for eight years, come to the conclusion that there will be no rescue and no turning back. Payton tells Bower, who's concerned about their wives and other families somewhere onboard, that they must get to the bridge to take control: "We save the ship. We save them."