Movie Review of "Wonder"

Movie Cast(Wonder): Julia Roberts, Jacob Tremblay, Izabela Vidovic, Owen Wilson, Mandy Patinkin, Noah Jupe, Bryce Gheisar

Movie Director(Wonder): Stephen Chbosky

“My name is August. I won’t describe what I look like. Whatever you’re thinking, it’s probably worse.”- When in the 2012 bestseller book Wonder, Auggie Pullman wondered this aloud, we were grateful somewhere in our heart that we were not called upon to do that ‘look’.

Based on this bestseller, the movie Wonder portrays the incredibly heart-warming and inspiring story of August ‘Auggie’ Pullman. An unusual pairing of Julia Roberts as Isabel Pullman and Owen Wilson as Nate has been featured here who played the role of Auggie’s (played by Jacob Tremblay) parents. Auggie, who was born with facial congenital deformities, has avoided showing his face in public for most of his life and has been home-schooled. But when his parents decide to send him to middle school, the fate changes for the 10-year-old. As Auggie comes to terms with his delicate condition, he gets ridiculed, bullied and discovers the ups and downs of friendship. This story about the little boy revolves beautifully around his parents, his teenage sister Via and other school kids he encounters.

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The film unbelievably holds our gaze and makes us wonder as the boy whose face has undergone 27 surgeries, who required many operations to be able to breathe, who struggles to eat, hear, whose eyes hang down haphazardly just like tears on his face, becomes completely ‘ordinary’. And we feel damn grateful for that as the co-screenwriter of the movie, Chbosky just gets what the book is all about. This is about being different, about fighting the battles life throws at us, about being a family, about facing the world in all situations, about not holding back on love, and above all, about kindness- often undermined virtue.

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This beautiful and touching story is backed by some strong performances, with Jacob Tremblay being really amazing as Auggie. His character shines brightly as an intelligent boy who lacks confidence, which allows us to be invested emotionally in how he changes over the course of the movie. Julia Roberts delivers one of her best performances as a mother who juggles with everyone’s feelings in the household. Owen Wilson plays an honest role as a sweet and sensitive paternal figure, while Izabela Vidovic captures the woes of a teenage girl dealing with the isolation because of her parent’s need to focus more on his brother.

If you are wondering how to spend the weekend, then this wholesome family entertainer is definitely worth your time.

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