Lone Survivor gets Real

If there was ever a movie that was sure to get to the audience and bring the situation of a real life event to the screen, it is Lone Survivor.

Starring Mark Wahlberg, Taylor Kitsch and Emile Hirsch, this gritty film portrays Operation Red Wings, in which a team of Navy SEALs, including Marcus Luttrell, are set out to kill or capture Ahmad Shah, a leader of the al Qaeda terrorist group.

While there have been some critics have taken the film in as pro-war propaganda, most of the viewers that are aware of the operation have said this is a very accurate portrayal of the events that happened during the mission. For some, it could have been considered 'too real' and it took them back to the time that the operation took place.

Either way individuals see it, this could be the best, most accurate military film since Saving Private Ryan and is sure to leave everyone astonished at the cinematography and the plot of the movie.

During the operation, the team of four SEALs ran into some goat herders and they were discovered, but this left Luttrell to make a decision of his own by deciding what to do next and he let them go. Within the next two hours, the team was ambushed by Shah's men; an ambush that included attacks from three sides and included multiple artillery. Three of the four team members were killed, leaving Luttrell on his own.

Luttrell had to evade his enemy after regaining consciousness, despite having a broken back, a number of fractures and multiple wounds from both shrapnel and a gun shot.

The story of his survival was turned into this action-packed, emotional film. This movie is highly recommended to adults, but not for children as there is plenty of violence. In the end, you will be glad you got the opportunity to see and understand this story. 

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