Frozen: Disney's Best Film in Recent History

“Now THAT’S the Disney we all know and love” is the statement that rang through theaters as the closing credits of the movie Frozen were displayed. Various publications are calling it the best Disney movie since The Lion King, and we couldn't agree more.

A beautifully animated film that revolved around the relationship of sisters Elsa and Anna, Frozen will make you laugh, cry, and sing. To date, the film has made more than $700 million worldwide. Its soundtrack is also doing extremely well, hitting number 1 in the Billboard chart. In fact, the music of Frozen has been getting so much buzz that industry pundits are actually talking about turning it into a musical.

The Plot

Elsa, the princess of Arendelle possesses a secret power to create ice and snow. An ability that only her family knows about, Elsa often entertains her sister Anna with her magic. One morning though, Elsa accidentally injures  Anna by hitting her on the head as she was running about.

To cure Anna, the king and queen seek help from the trolls, who heal Anna and modify her memories. And to protect both their daughters, the king and queen decide to suppress Elsa’s secret powers. They lock themselves in their castle and limit their exposure to the outside world. Elsa, so scared of hurting Anna again, shuts her out. Anna, who has no recollection of her sister's powers and how they injured her, is stuck wondering what happened to the closeness that she and Elsa once had.

Years later, Elsa comes of age to take the throne as queen of Arendelle. To celebrate this, the kingdom opens the gates and holds a coronation ceremony and a feast. Things initially go well, but take a turn for the worst when Anna tells Elsa that she got engaged to Prince Hans of the Southern Isles, a man she just met that same day. Elsa refuses to give her blessing and the two sisters get into an argument which leads to Elsa accidentally revealing her powers. Panicked, the queen runs away, but unwittingly sets an eternal winter on Arendelle in the process.

Anna then embarks on a journey to bring her sister back so she can reverse her winter spell. She meets Kristoff and his reindeer Sven in her journey, and they also come across Olaf, a living snowman of Elsa’s creation.

Together, the four roam the lands in search of Elsa, but when they finally catch up with her, they realize that brining her back and stopping the eternal winter isn’t as easy as they initially thought.

Now, we don't want to give away any spoilers, so we're going to stop our narration here. Suffice it to say though, their journey is full of surprises and twists that will keep your eyes glue to the screen. If you haven't done so yet, go see Frozen in a theater near you.



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